Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression at USC

The University of Southern California seeks to foster an environment where students, faculty, and staff respect and appreciate their peers and others, and everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, learn, explore, and engage in discussion. In alignment with our Unifying Values, freedom of expression is essential to the university’s commitment to inclusive and equitable educational opportunities and learning environments and is protected by law. We recognize that, on occasion, the manner in which people exercise their right of freedom of expression may raise strong emotional responses for our students.

Because of this, we want to provide members of our community with resources to help navigate difficult conversations and express opinions with civility, respect, and an open mind.

Defining Free Speech

Learn more about what is considered protected vs. unprotected speech.


Planning a demonstration or counter-protest? Learn the how-tos and need-to-knows about demonstrating on campus.

Resources & Policies

Find more information on civil discourse, student safety, support resources, and accountability processes.