The University of Southern California values student voices, and we recognize that students have the right to express their opinions (whether in agreement or dissent) through organized demonstrations on campus.

Before you or your student organization plan a demonstration, you’ll want to read through the information below to learn about your rights, responsibilities, and time, place, manner concerns. We’ve also included a guide on the process of planning a demonstration with helpful tips and information.


Student voices and opinions are valued at USC. As part of the First Amendment and Leonard Law, students have the right to peacefully and lawfully demonstrate (or protest) on campus in support of or opposition to an issue.


Similar to a student’s right to hold a protest, students also have the right to express their dissent in a counter-protest or demonstration. When these occasions arise, the expression of all parties is important.

Heckler’s veto

The university will also not allow physical interference with others’ peaceful exercise of free speech, which is often referred to as the “heckler’s veto” or “coercive disruption.”