Accountability Process

The Office of Community Expectations (OCE) works to provide preventative education regarding student behavior policies to students and Recognized Student Organizations. This office works together with other key members of the university community including staff, faculty, parents, and alumni to implement the university’s Unifying Values as it relates to students and community expectations. Learn more about OCE’s investigative process here.

The USC Student Commitment is a statement of values that our students aspire to meet.  Speech may be legally protected and therefore not subject to discipline under the Code of Conduct (Living Our Unifying Values: the USC Student Handbook), but nevertheless inconsistent with the Student Commitment and the university’s free speech policy. We ask and encourage our students to be thoughtful of how their written and verbal comments, regardless of whether they are legally protected or not, could affect other members of the campus community.  USC Student Life staff are available to collaborate with students in identifying ways to express passionate beliefs about controversial topics persuasively, but without causing hurt to their fellow Trojans.

Students may want to familiarize themselves with the following USC policies:

You can find more information about USC’s policies at